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Date Posted Friday, June 03, 2011 08:47 AM
Posted By: Geek
Due to some real life changes i am stepping down as Chairman and giving it to Quizno. I will continue to help ref and continue to try and get our updates in. So congrats to Quizno!

Updates - I have been on BloodySmile day and night about getting these done. He continues to tell me he sends them in each time to Bill but for some reason they have not been done yet. ;( But i will continue to bug him until they get done :).

Good on you Geek. I think you'll have time to do the more important things like updates if you don't have to deal with us! Quizno will be a great fit so thanks to both of you andnow it's everyones turn to step up and show this weekend!!!
thank god
Agreed thank god
thank god x3
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