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League News Season 18
Date Posted Sunday, June 12, 2011 11:14 PM
Posted By: Quizno
ANIMALS and NASTY have been removed from this season for poor attendance. Players from these squads are eligible to join other teams and play without any activation period.

Season 18 will continue with the remaining 6 squads. Each squad will play each other once over the next 5 weeks and the top 4 squads from that period will advance to the playoffs. With the addition of players from the dissolved squads all games are expected to be played at 5v5 minimum. Showing less than 5 players will be considered a forfeit for the rest of the season.

yes!! and the foul!!!
It looks like other squads that are showing, are just getting by with 5. Are their any plans to allow more active players per squad with the removal of ANI and NASTY?
If necessary, however I think that every squad currently at the limit of 13 has players that never show and can be inactivated. It shouldn't be necessary to raise the limit. On EG: P, x-wing (0 min combined pt) On Mello: jedi master, FroBlock (5.6 min combined pt) Hooligans doesn't have any extremely low pt players active but they also have 14 people who have recorded pt this season. If some of those players aren't showing recently and turtle feels the need to recruit more he can inactivate people.
Is the season stats starting over or are we just tinkering the schedule and going with the existing record?
Stats and everything will be retained, however (like we've done in the past with skill divisions) only the second half of the season will be used for determining who gets in the playoffs.
Lol Gamb.
Can't help but say that in Marv Alberts' voice.
Quizno, since you've mentioned that games from the midway point of this season and onward will be the only part that matters...I'm just curious at which week you'll start counting since the 5th week is directly in the middle of the season (will you start from week 5, or week 6?).
Its from week 7 on actually. I don't want to use team's records against squads that no longer exist for playoff purposes.
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