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Date Posted Wednesday, July 27, 2011 02:04 PM
Posted By: Realm's Banner Realm
Bok'choy is currently expecting to have some time to run a ladder this Friday. Although it's not a usual day for GB to be active, we're going to do it anyway. A specific time has not yet been provided (I'll update this when it has), but I'll be getting on and sitting in the league zone from about 7:30pm ET and onward.

Until the ladder is ready, we'll be running open "pub" play in league until we have enough for scrims.

See you there!

Peregrin Took::
No one cares. GB ended like 5 years ago, back when you were cool and such. Oh wait, that never happened.
I'm not sure why you're unnecessarily deflecting this at me when all I'm doing is trying to give the players that still show up an opportunity to play a game they enjoy. If you don't want to show up it's quite easy to simply ignore this. If you do want to show up we'll be glad to have you.
He meant "oh that never happened" to gb ending, not to the fact you are cool. Glass half full Realmy boy!! I don't think I can make it Friday but I hope you guys who can will get on EARLY and get it poppin.
People still play this game?
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