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League News Week 11 and Playoffs
Date Posted Sunday, July 31, 2011 03:41 PM
Posted By: Quizno
There have been some questions about play this week. We will be playing games as usual tonight.

Playoffs will begin next week with matches between the 3rd/6th teams and the 4th/5th teams. Hooligans and Broskis have already secured the top 2 positions and will receive byes into the next round. All matches will be best of 5 except for the final which will be best of 7. All forfeits will be final, there will be no rescheduling after Thursday night of the preceding week.

isn't malice a top 2 seed? thought we were just basing it off 2nd half records because of all the team hopping, and we went 4-1.
Peregrin Took::
FF wins don't count.
MC Infinite-H::
I win a ring by default no matter what the outcome is...
this league is a joke
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