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League News Season 19 Canceled
Date Posted Thursday, October 13, 2011 03:10 PM
Posted By: Quizno
After 18 (complete) seasons and over 10 years, the Infantry GravBall League has come to an end due to declining interest and attendance. All further matches schedule for Season 19 are canceled.

Booerns. GBPL?!
Peregrin Took::
Lund.....its dead bro. Let it go.
can we get ppl to still show up on sundays to scrim?
MC Infinite-H::
it's all lund's fault. gj bro. roflmao.
I've always loved GB. Hopefully one day it will be revived in some shape or form - whether it be through Sony or not =P In all likelihood it'll be buried forever but gdamn, I fricken love this game!!!!!
i wanna buy infantry and GB will be the only zone for awhile
how does one buy infantry?
GravBall was amazing, good friends and good times. See you guys around in scrims, etc.
Blame Kuja.
The league zone's finally been taken down. At least pub's still up!
Can we seriously play some gb pub for once?
MC Infinite-H::
yo yo i also blame gambler.
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