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League News It has been fun ladies...
Date Posted Wednesday, February 29, 2012 01:47 PM
Posted By: Geek
The official message from SOE...

"As the final adrenaline-pumping combats are waged, the long and proud 13-year battle waged in Infantry Online will come to a close at 12:01 am PT on 03/29/12 when SOE shuts down the Infantry Online servers.

For many, Infantry Online was their first online gaming experience and we hope that the thrills the game provided propelled those players on to more online gaming fun in other Sony Online Entertainment games.

We greatly appreciate all of the Infantry Online players who have shared their online ambushes, skirmishes and hunts with us over the years and we hope to see you online in our other thrilling games available on SOE.com.

Sony Online Entertainment"

MC Infinite-H::
Well it's been good guys. First one to comment so EZPZ. SHOUTOUTS TO GAMBLER you mofo. ROFLMAO . Truly gonna miss this game. I would list more shoutouts but the list is too long. GODSEND #1. IGBL Season 13 Champions! Rookie in that season too. RIP Dain Gandalf It's been good guys.
MC Infinite-H::
i blame gambler for this. and lund-slapper. roflmao.
I blame Kuja.
We all know who really started this. Toss up between Kuja and SOE. Anybody down for some pub games before its no longer possible?
ONe LAST GAME!?!!??!?
i feel like we have to!
teqnikal diffikultiez::
I will play.. if its a saturday or sunday otherwise no time
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