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League News GravBall is up (and playable) in Free Infantry
Date Posted Monday, April 09, 2018 04:20 PM
Posted By: Realm's Banner Realm
For all you whiners that wanted GravBall to be back, the Free Infantry admins have put it in rotation. Want to keep it up? Play.

(Free) Infantry Online

EDIT: March 28, 2018: Not enough played. It was taken back down. (w0rtez and n0ferz did though)
EDIT: April 9, 2018: One of the Free Infantry admins kindly put it back up last week. Players played. I believe there was even a YouTube recording of it made.

MC Infinite-H::
Make it happen
Good news, all ball related packets have been fixed and reversed so what that means to you is a cleaner gball experience.
Thanks, Mizz!
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