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Assistant Captains: khmai's Banner khmai
Date Founded: May 07, 2001 
Division: IGBL 
Captain's Comments: The most distinctive trait of Baguazhang is that movement imitates the Taoist Ba Gua symbol of the Yi Jing. Techniques are demonstrated while walking low in a static circle. This technique of circular walking has three intentions: 1) confuse the opponent, 2) exhaust the opponent, and 3) absorb natural Qi evenly from all directions. The health benefits of this circular Qi cultivation ensures that longtime masters are not only excellent fighters but also live extremely long liv 

Tekneekz Membership Roster
Player Rank ICQ Date Joined Squad Active
Johbu Master Sergeant 18164060 May 07, 2001 No
Zyx Master Sergeant November 18, 2001 No
khmai's Banner khmai Master Sergeant 123456 March 20, 2002 No
Kitsuten Sergeant First Class May 07, 2001 No
Tatum Sergeant First Class 46078071 September 11, 2001 No
Klayzen Sergeant First Class 0 December 10, 2001 No
Compleks Sergeant First Class 0000000 January 29, 2002 No
a Pikachu Sergeant First Class March 30, 2002 No

Squad History
Season Rank Wins Losses Goals For Goals Against Differential Forfeits
2 10 5 9 31 45 -14 1

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