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IGBL Squad Profile

Unmatched's Squad Banner Unmatched
IGBL Awards Won:
Season 2 Pirates' Jug  Season 2 Party Cup 

Squad Members:
Squad Captain:  
Assistant Captains:  
Date Founded: September 08, 2001 
Division: IGBL 
Website: http://gravball.nmebase.com/unmatched  
Captain's Comments: We are the fightin-beagles. Hear our roar! err.....yaulp!!! 

Unmatched Membership Roster
Player Rank ICQ Date Joined Squad Active
MattStewartJHS's Banner MattStewartJHS Sergeant First Class May 11, 2003 Yes
Aldebaran Master Sergeant February 09, 2003 No
Sk8-'s Banner Sk8- Sergeant First Class February 09, 2003 No
Virtue_ Sergeant First Class February 18, 2003 No

Squad History
Season Rank Wins Losses Goals For Goals Against Differential Forfeits
4 7 4 12 28 62 -34 1
2 9 6 8 41 45 -4 0

Cumulative Totals Per Minute Totals
Player Minutes Kills Deaths Goals Assists Catches Passes Steals Fumbles Saves Pinches Carry Time Rating
No Player Stats Found.